About Me


Hi there, my name is Akshaya Vaidyanathan, and I’m a professional photographer , AND A  self-taught CINEMATOGRAPHER WORKING out of MUMBAI AND Chennai, India, SPECIALISING in weddings, fashion, architecture, commercial products, and food photography.

I was mentored by Mr Iqbal K Mohammed while studying Photography from Light and Life Academy.

If I had to explain my obsession WITH THIS ART FORM, (in a line, of course, I won’t take too much of your time), here's what I'd say: There are two pillars that create a memory: a story and the emotions behind it. More often than not, there are different perspectives to a story, and while some of the details might get a little hazy for you to remember, what still makes you smile or laugh with wonder is the strong sense of emotion you felt in that moment.

The feeling of being able to preserve a moment for all of eternity is exactly what drives me. Stories and emotions are not just powerful but also contagious. Your story fuels my craft, and I love capturing moments that make you feel something, that makes you relive a moment that’s long gone. 

I’ve worked with brands to document and even help build their aesthetic style, and this helps me experiment with different genres and pushes me out of my comfort zone, while weddings speak my soul.

If you’re considering working with me, you can write to me at aksh.vaidhee@gmail.com


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