Shilpa and Anush

Akshaya has that rather enviable raw, natural talent at a young age. What becomes quickly evident when you work with her is her ability to effortlessly capture those delicate moments that can pass you by in a blink. This is why her work on our pre-wedding, wedding & reception photos is quite special to us and will always be. If capturing the moments is half the battle then finishing them to create wonderful memories for her clients is the other half, and she has proven herself in both areas. We wish her much success and happiness as she continues to tell beautiful stories through her pictures!

Sanjana And Prithvi Shah

" It all happened by chance and this would count as probably one of the best impulsive decisions we have taken! Having Akshaya on board, to cover our engagement was absolutely fun! It is imperative that a candid photographer understands the vibe and the mood of the people around at a bethrotal ceremony, given the fact that there are a thousand emotions that could be captured in these moments. Akshaya, effortlessly blendid in with everyone and captured some of the most timeless expressions and emotions! We are absolutely delighted to have such beautiful memories to look back to! Thank You Akshaya!! 24/01/2016 will be etched in our memories for ever!! - Sanjana Prithvi Shah. "


Dearest Akshaya, I would like to thank you for the wonderful photo shoot that I had in Chennai. To start with, your arrangements were so meticulously done. Right from booking the studio until coordinating everyone, you had planned it very beautifully. Your photos have come out very well. It really shows your passion for photography. I am very happy with your work and especially with the fact that you give complete freedom for the artist during the shoot. Looking forward to doing more projects with you in the future. Love, Janani

Maithri Palicha from TAWA 9 -

Dear Akshaya, We at Tawa 9, had a wonderful time taking pictures with you. You made our work very fun and did not stress upon us too much to give you work on time ! The way you took upon how we wanted the pictures to be taken and the creativity that you have is amazing ! Hope you have many more successful projects in the near future ! We work again soon ! All the best for your venture ! Hope you get all the success in this world. All the Best Maithri Palicha ( CO- FOUNDER Tawa 9)

Vidhya weds Vignesh

A BIG THANK YOU ☺ A little over 6 months back when my wedding got fixed and the hunt for photographers had begun, this woman who I had seen right from my school days came to my mind. Right from the initial conversations we had to the meetings scheduled to show her work to my parents who instantaneously agreed that ‘Akshaya Vaidhyanathan’ would be the candid photographer for my wedding which happened last month. From then till date, there has been absolutely no hassle in the communications and everything has happened on time. The pre wedding shoot before the wedding was the first time when she blew me away with the stunningly captured images. The ease of working with her is something worth mentioning. Thanks to the rapport built during the pre-wedding shoot, the wedding shoot happened extremely smoothly. The two days in the hall and she was always on time and did her work like a TRUE PROFESSIONAL. Unless she mentions it, it’s hard to say that she is a starter in this field of wedding photography. I must definitely say this. Everyone who has been my wedding pictures can only come up with phrases like ‘She has done a wonderful job’, ‘Such a soulful photography’, ‘OMG! The pictures are just too beautiful’. This is just a trailer and the compliments haven’t stopped as yet! It’s rightly said that pictures speak a thousand words. Every picture captured by her brings out the emotions so well and takes us back to that moment everytime we see it. The happy tears to wide grins to bear hugs to unexpected surprises in the faces of the bride, groom and everyone in the hall to the decorations to the swing to every single thing around – JUST BEAUTIFULLY CAPTURED! ☺ Somewhere deep down, it makes me feel extremely proud and happy to see someone whom you have known since school days to have become successful in a field which she is passionate about! Way to go girl! Damn sure that you’ll go places with this kind of amazing work ☺ Thanks a lot for the amazing work at my kalyanam ☺ *bighug* Vidya Venkatrramani

Deepti and Ram

"one of the best things that happened in my wedding are the pictures.They are so beautifully captured that I relive those moments Everytime I see them..And I would like to thank Akshaya for making that happen..The wedding with all its hustle and bustle was fun and comfortable because I had Akshaya around.. She was like a single man army capturing all the raw emotions and delicate moments beautifully and effortlessly.And she has meticulously done her work, right from the initial conversation to capturing the moments and creating wonderful memories..THANK YOU AKSHAYA for giving a lifetime of memories.."

Renita and Jude

Thousands of miles away from each other as we look at the candid pictures of our engagement day, it reminds us of that joyful and love filled special moment. The pictures beautifully captured by Akshaya really took us back to that blissful time. On the day of the outdoor photo shoot, we stopped at numerous beautiful locations that we spotted en route and Akshaya was always keen, energetic and worked her photography magic tirelessly to ensure lovely pictures of those moments were taken. We will indeed cherish those memories from our special life event for all the years to come through the wonderful pictures that she has given us. Akshaya, we wish you all the best for your career in photography. Continue the good work. And as we have witnessed it’s not only your passion but also memories of the special one-time instances of our lives captured in the best form that will live forever with us. -Jude and Renita

Siva weds Swati

Akshaya’s work on the candid photography for our wedding was excellent. All the photos have a natural feel to them and came out better than we could have hoped for. Although we are camera conscious, she made us feel extremely comfortable and our photos reflect it. She did not miss capturing a single moment that was important to us, even though many of them were in wee hours of the morning. She also worked seamlessly with the traditional photographer. The photos were delivered to us on time and the editing was excellent. Overall, her work truly captured our evident and subtle emotions during the wedding, and it was a pleasure to have her around. Good luck with your work! Thanks and Regards, Swati and Siva

Deekshitha weds Shiva

"Akshaya had done an incredibly great job, covering the minutest of details, at my wedding.She captured the events creatively and the outcome was beautiful. She literally sat along with the priests at the mantap to not miss any detail. Also, I was impressed with the cute customised pendrive that contained the photos. Thank you Akshaya for making my wedding picture-perfect! :-)"

Dilip and Deanna

We hired Akshaya though a mutual friend and she was exceptional right from the beginning till the end. She is a complete professional when it comes to work and she always maintained a great sense of humor and presented herself with a smile when asked for pictures by friends and family. Akshaya promised to deliver us the pictures in a short period of time and she didn't disappoint us and the pictures came out great!! Good luck to Akshaya and we absolutely loved having her during the three days of our wedding! - Dilip and Deanna