About Me

About Me

Akshaya Vaidyanathan

Documentary wedding photographer, traveller who also loves to shoot food, architecture and fashion.

HOLA! I 'm Akshaya Vaidyanathan. I am a clueless youngster turned professional photographer.  What started as a random hobby was honed in Ooty where I formally studied photography from Light and Life Academy under the most inspiring mentor - Mr. Iqbal K Mohammed.  


I believe that the world has way too many raw feelings and a part of our soul is preserved in photographs and I love to capture them and preserve it. That’s how shooting portraits started inspiring me and thus leading me into documenting weddings. I love the vibe each wedding gives and the kind emotions I get to capture in each wedding gives me the energy to keep it going. Creating memories larger than life under some great light,  that is something I love doing. Maybe like 27 dresses I need countless weddings to keep me going ;) Apart from documenting weddings I also love to shoot portraits of people (couples, kids, newborn, artists)


As I groomed my skills in Light and Life Academy, I also discovered my passion for photography in the field of  Fashion, Food and Architecture. I  have a specialisation in 

    •    Interior and Architecture 

    •    Food and Beverages

    •    Commercial Products

    •    Fashion Photography       


Apart from taking photos, I love to travel... I don’t need fancy spa treatments for relaxation, all I need to do is just pack my bags and travel... staying in one place for a long time is just not my thing. I love sitting in the sand watching the sea do its magic . Also FOOOOOD, I have always been that crazy person in the table who loves to order that weird sounding dish in the menu and get all experimental at home by baking and cooking new stuff that taste good at times :P 


Studied to be a photographer and now practising photography for over 2 years.


If you like what you see in this website and would like get in touch, work with me or just talk over a cup of coffee/ a bottle of beer please feel free ping me on aksh.vaidhee@gmail.com . 


PS: I love reading mails and writing back ;)